World first public wireless EV charger in UK

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IPT is excited to play a crucial role in the world first public wireless electric vehicle charging trial for car fleets using existing grid infra from lampposts in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

The UK project, led by electric vehicle charging infrastructure innovator,, with funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and Innovate UK, IPT delivered the technology and manufactured the wireless charging products for the OSRIC project (On-Street Residential Inductive Charge). 

This project is paving the way for a future of EV charging free of cables and is the first of its kind available to the general public in the UK. It is a profoundly collaborative effort, with support and input from Buckinghamshire Council, Milton Keynes Council, London Borough of Redbridge, the University of Warwick, the Open University, hiyacar and IPT Technology.

The technology works via an electrical induction charging pad installed in the ground into a dedicated parking spot. There is no visual pollution in the streets due to charging stations and cables, which is potentially hazardous for other road or pavement users. The solution is easy to operate using the MAAS app. 

The Marlow wireless charging trial is the first of many to be trialling and showcasing this groundbreaking wireless charging infrastructure. There are nine trails to follow and soon be expanded at other sites within Buckinghamshire and locations in London Borough of Redbridge and Milton Keynes with several car brands and types of electric passenger cars to demonstrate the interoperability of the wireless charging system.

These vehicles are available to book through the hiyacar platform, membership-fee free, for £1 per hour or £5 per day (plus insurance).

If you’re in the London area, why not experience the convenience of wireless charging with the Renault Zoe for yourself?


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