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PATAGONIA adventure motorcycle

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PATAGONIA is the first model in the OX Atypical collection. This Scrambler motorcycle is presented as the first electric adventure motorcycle.

PATAGONIA, an off the path experience

It has been designed for your enjoyment on any surface, with increased height and greater wheelbase than OX ONE. PATAGONIA’s suspension is long-travel and the riding position is more upright. It has two saddlebags on each side to transport objects you need on a day-to-day basis. Its dual tires provide adaptability to any surface. It also incorporates side protections on both sides of the fairing to protect it in any environment. PATAGONIA has a fourth driving mode, Adventure, with a greater power so as not to put limits on your trips.

Out of the ordinary

And we want to tell you what all this is about … the essence of Patagonia and the creative process behind this model.

We are used to associating sound with movement and the smell of gasoline with speed.

The type of vehicles that we associate with crossings through the countryside have one characteristic in common; they do not seek to go unnoticed. They are resistant, strong and noisy, like the machinery that is used for the primary sector.

Adventure Mode On

This proposal sharpens all the senses. Vehicles equipped for all terrains, those transports called adventure, alter the natural environment through which they pass. But we think that: you will never be able to appreciate the charm of a place if you are not part of it without modifying its essence!

A traveler is a person who dedicates his time to soak up experiences, to seek the purest experience and collect emotions from each place he walks, but always adapting to the corresponding environment.

Adventure Mode On


This figure should not be confused with the tourist one. The tourist is happy to appreciate the basics, and does not value the immersion activity in each environment. He feels comfortable and satisfied with the surface, and he is not interested in going deeper, he is satisfied with his perception.

There is nothing wrong with just being a tourist, but we at OX refuse to stay with it.

Why do we need to create an electric off-road motorcycle, with more power and equipment, but different from any other electric vehicle?


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