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AIR ONE Takes Off for the first time

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After receiving its airworthiness certificate, AIR ONE has successfully completed its first full-scale test flight.

Features And Specs


Maximum Speed  250 kmh\155 mph

Cruise Speed  161 kmh\100 mph

Range 177 km\110 miles

Max Flight Time 1 Hour

The AIR ONE took flight in the green fields of Megiddo in northern Israel. AIR ONE completed multiple hovers throughout the day and the following two weeks, safely lifting off, hovering in place, and returning to the ground, performing optimally in a stable flight envelope.

As we enter the flight-testing phase of development, we can see day by day results of the team’s dedication to making the AIR ONE come to life and into our customers hands. There are many more flights on schedule for the AIR ONE, ranging from hover, to full flight envelope testing.


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