Introducing the Turbo Porto: A Revolutionary Long Tail Cargo E-Bike

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SUPERNATURAL AMPLIFICATION – Ride like a pro, everywhere you go. With 90 Nm of torque and a 710 watt battery, no electric bike in its category has more power. That means you can easily cruise and stay there as long as it takes. Doesn’t matter if your kids’ school is the top of Alpe d’Huez, all that power combined with the legendary smooth delivery from the Turbo e-bike system means you can load them up and effortlessly climb.

PURPOSEFUL PERFORMANCE – Nimble on any road, with any load. Porto inspires confidence in the rider from day one. Low standover means starting, stopping, and hopping on and off the bike, even when loaded, is a breeze, just like the ride. It may be long, and often loaded down with people and gear, but it rides just like a normal bike (or better). By implementing a long tail for cargo, rather than a large front load basket, you can park it like a normal bike too.

We believe Porto brings the safest and most stable ride, regardless of load (up to 200kg! – includes weight of bike and rider) on the market to riders at any skill level. And like any premium transportation, Porto seamlessly adjusts to you, so riders from 155cm to 195cm get the same confident, comfortable ride.

FAMILY-FIRST FUNCTION – We thought of everything, so you can do anything. Porto is no stripped down cargo hauler… It comes loaded with an included front rack and long tail rear rack, ready for child seats, passenger seats, panniers, and countless other accessories. It’s built with your family in mind, designed for a stable and nimble ride when you’re carrying what’s most precious, without sacrificing an ounce of style. Every cargo e-bike can carry people, but Porto is built to carry people. When it’s your family on the back, the difference matters.

90Nm of Torque.
710 watt battery for up to 5 hours ride time.
Electric assisted speed limit of 25kph, speed is subject to country regulations.
Premium adjustability for a comfortable ride for every rider between 155cm and 195cm.
Long Tail for passengers, gear, and whatever else you can think of.
Included front and rear racks that are MIK compatible.
System Lock for theft deterrent and Garmin Radar to notify you of cars about to pass.
TCU on the bars, endlessly customizable with the Specialized App.
Included custom Porto Frame Bag.
There are almost 300 tax-incentive and purchase-premium options offered by the European Cyclist Federation for the purchase of electric bikes. Riders are encouraged to research these options.


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