Chargeway Plus app allows EV drivers to remotely access real-time battery info and charging status

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Oregon-based Chargeway came to our attention back in 2017,when it introduced a handy system that uses colors and numbers to identify different types of EV charging plugs in order to make selecting the appropriate EV charger easier for drivers.

Now the company has launched its Chargeway Plus connected EV features in North America, allowing EV drivers in the US and Canada to connect their vehicles to the Chargeway mobile app for access to real-time battery info, charging status and more.

Chargeway Plus subscribers can see battery levels (in percent and miles), charging status, and estimates of charging time at public chargers, all in real time on their smartphones. Chargeway Plus is available for over 20 brands and hundreds of EV models, and most models also allow users to start and stop charging within the app. Chargeway Plus is available for both iOS and Android, and the connected features are free for the first 30 days.

Planned future features include locking and unlocking capabilities, real-time pricing at major charging networks, and session activation and payment.

“We have been gathering driver feedback from our soft launch with Austin Energy, and look forward to offering these features to more drivers,” says Matt Teske, founder of Chargeway. “Our goal has always been to create the most intuitive and intelligent experience for all drivers from every lifestyle. With Chargeway Plus we can now offer a connected experience with real-time data for both the vehicle and charging, as well as expand to new real-time features in the future for Chargeway Plus users.”

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