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Test Drive the Battle Motors EV Tractorwith a CTOS Load King 402 DFP Folding Trailer

Battle Motors, a leader in electric vehicle innovation, is excited to extend an invitation to attendees to test drive their groundbreaking Battle Motors LNT (Low Narrow Tilt) EV Tractor at Work Truck Week 2024. This hands-on experience is part of the highly anticipated Ride + Drive event, taking place on Wednesday, March 6 and Thursday, March 7, 2024, in Indianapolis. 

Test Drive Invitation: Battle Motors cordially invites dealers and customers to experience the efficiency, power, and innovation of the Battle Motors EV Tractor firsthand. Participants will have the unique opportunity to test drive this electric marvel, complete with a CTOS Load King 402 DFP Folding Trailer, to understand its capabilities in a real-world setting. 

The Battle Motors EV City Tractor is a revolution in urban transportation, designed for urban and regional municipal services. The Battle Motors Tractor is a significant achievement reflecting the dedication to meeting stringent environmental standards and our commitment to playing a leading role in the transition towards a more sustainable transportation sector. The Truck to be test driven features: 

  • Unmatched Maneuverability: A compact design and short wheelbase for superior handling and a tight turning radius. 
  • Extended Range & Rapid Charging: A 120-mile range with fast charging capabilities. 
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Minimal noise and carbon emissions, ideal for noise-sensitive areas. 
  • Enhanced Safety & Comfort: A low cab forward design for better visibility and easier access. 

“This Ride + Drive event is a fantastic opportunity for our customers to get behind the wheel of the Battle Motors EV Tractor,” says Stan Mikalonis, CRO at Battle Motors. “We believe that experiencing our EV Tractor in action will showcase its potential to revolutionize the work truck industry.” 

Load King’s model 402 DFP folding trailer features a robust 25 Ton capacity (12 ft), 48 ft overall length, and 10’1” spread axle. This cutting-edge trailer is equipped with air ride suspension and height control, alongside a self-contained pony motor, reinforcing Load King’s legacy since 1956 as the pioneer of the E-Z Fold Mechanical Folding Gooseneck Trailer. With over 5,500 units in the field, Load King continues to set the industry standard as the premier builder of the most durable and sought-after Folding Gooseneck Trailers, maintaining its commitment to excellence and innovation more than five decades on. 

Work Truck Week, the premier event for the work truck industry, has been a hub of innovation and collaboration for over 20 years. Here, industry professionals come together to highlight the latest in truck technology, share expertise, and shape the future of the sector.  

Committed to innovation and sustainability, Battle Motors is at the forefront of electric vehicle technology. Our mission is to drive the transformation of urban and regional transportation with efficient, environmentally friendly vehicles.  

Do not miss this chance to be among the first to test drive the Battle Motors EV Tractor at Work Truck Week 2024. This event will provide a glimpse into the future of sustainable urban transportation and the role of electric vehicles in reshaping our cities. 


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