Rivian teases five vehicles in investor presentation

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  • Rivian teased five future vehicles that are in the works
  • The teaser comes alongside the new that VW invested $5 billion into Rivian
  • The upcoming vehicles might include a smaller pickup truck and SUVs along with less expensive EVs

Rivian hinted at five new electric vehicles in the works in an investor presentation held on June 26 to outline Volkswagen Group’s planned investment of up to $5 billion to establish a technology joint venture.

The slide was first made public by Bloomberg’s Corey Cantor and shows vehicles, some of them shrouded, stacked in four columns corresponding to the platforms the vehicles will sit on.

The Gen 1 column shows Rivian’s current R1S SUV and R1T pickup truck, plus the commercial van the company originally developed for Amazon.

The Gen 2 column represents the updated platform that Rivian presented earlier this month in updated versions of the R1S and R1T arriving for the 2025 model year. It’s safe to assume the mystery vehicle in the Gen 2 column is an updated version of the commercial van.

Slide from Rivian investor presentation outlining deal with Volkswagen Group – June 2024

Slide from Rivian investor presentation outlining deal with Volkswagen Group – June 2024

The third column is for a platform Rivian refers to as the MSP, short for “Midsize platform.” This is the platform for the upcoming R2 crossover and R3/R3X hatchback, and images of those vehicles are featured on the slide in the MSP column. There’s also a shrouded vehicle, the identity of which is unknown. A smaller pickup truck based on the platform is one possibility, though it may also be a smaller commercial vehicle.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the slide is what Rivian refers to as the Affordable Mass Market platform. There are three shrouded vehicles associated with this platform, the identities for which are also unknown.

Considering Rivian has already confirmed a starting price of $45,000 for the R2 crossover, the R3 range will presumably be priced lower than that. With the Affordable Mass Market platform, Rivian may be planning to launch EVs priced to compete with Tesla’s affordable EV which Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted at costing as low as $25,000.

Rivian is scheduled to hold another investor presentation later today and may provide additional information on the mystery vehicles during the event.

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