Report: GM is mulling a Chevy Camaro EV

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The last Chevrolet Camaro left the factory in late 2023, putting the vaunted muscle-car nameplate on hiatus. But General Motors president Mark Reuss wants to see the Camaro make a comeback as an EV, according to Motor Trend.

GM would take a different approach than rival Ford, which has applied the Mustang name to the Mach-E electric crossover sold alongside the traditional gasoline coupe and convertible. Reuss’ ideal electric Camaro would be a car, not a crossover, according to Motor Trend. The Chevy Blazer EV, arguably the brand’s current rival to the Mach-E, arrived with plenty of cues carried over from the Camaro, though.

2024 Chevrolet Camaro

2024 Chevrolet Camaro

Unlike every production Camaro to date, though, any future electric version would reportedly have four doors. Sports cars and convertibles built on skateboard EV platforms are scarce, because of all the packaging hurdles, and sales of two-door cars don’t exactly justify extravagant engineering solutions. That still leaves room for a four-door coupe similar to the current BMW i4, though.

Instead of going for the biggest horsepower numbers and quickest acceleration, Reuss also wants a Camaro EV to go back to the nameplate’s roots, emphasizing simplicity and affordability. Reuss told Motor Trend that the base price of a Camaro EV could be similar to the $34,995 starting price of the Chevy Equinox EV crossover.

Possible electric Chevrolet Camaro in GM Ultium teaser video

Possible electric Chevrolet Camaro in GM Ultium teaser video

With an upcoming Chevy Bolt EV, plus the Equinox EV, GM will already have several affordable EVs—both, perhaps, even by then starting under $40,000. If a Camaro-inspired model were to land in that price range too, as a car, it might pivot that performance car’s image in the right way.

While an affordable Camaro EV appears to be more a thing that Reuss would like to do versus something that’s firmly in GM’s product plan, the automaker has hinted for several years that it intends to produce lower-profile EVs based on its Ultium component set—perhaps with the cylindrical batteries it’s planning to make with Samsung.

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