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REE Automotive unveils next gen P7-S stripped chassis

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REE Automotive unveiled the next generation of its P7-S stripped chassis at ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. The class 5 chassis was created in collaboration with Penske, designed to increase delivery efficiencies and improve fleet management. Customer delivery of the first next-gen P7-S demo will take place in June.

P7-S utilizes the P7 REEcorners, making it a full by-wire chassis, and is part of the P7 program that allows for flexibility in dimensions and design freedom for fleets and body builders to develop their own purpose-built EVs such as step-vans, box trucks and vocational-specific electric vehicles. The P7-S is a full by-wire EV with both front and rear cabin configuration.

REE Automotive displayed its P7-S stripped chassis at ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Nev. (Photo: Leo Barros)

By using the P7 REEcorners, the P7-S shares service and operational similarities with the P7-C which are designed to improve total cost of ownership TCO and spare-parts inventory management.

“From the start, we have been attuned to the voice of the customer and therefore decided to design our products with fleets in mind, by working directly with them during the design process to create the best electric truck or chassis they need,” said Daniel Barel, CEO and co-founder of REE Automotive.

The P7-S can be customized to meet the customer need including Class 4 and 5, driver position, batteries, wheelbase and rear overhang. The gross vehicle weight rating for Class 4 is 16,000 lbs and Class 5 is 18,300 lbs. The 84-168 kWh battery provides a range of up to 210 miles.

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