Rattan’s newest electric bike has a name you can’t say in polite company

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Rattan, a long-time player now seeing increased penetration in the entry-level e-bike market, has rolled out new electric bicycle models for the 2024 riding season. And believe it or not, it’s the little guy that’s getting most of the attention. That’s right, it’s time to check out the company’s latest small format 20″ folding e-bike. Say “Hello” to Rattan’s new Pinus.

Sure, it’s a bit of a unique name, the Pinus. Chinese e-bike companies operating in the US are known for occasionally choosing quirky monikers, often creating a bit of a letter jumble that helps avoid copyright infringement in a field crowded with competition and already-taken names. But Pinus certainly stands tall among the unique names.

I’m not even sure if that’s how you pronounce it. Maybe it’s a long ‘i’? But then it just sounds like a southern belle, “I believe it’s time for my afternoon Pinus ride, I do declare…“.

Though ultimately, what’s in a name? Wouldn’t a Pinus by any other name ride as well? In this case, I have to imagine it would. So let’s cut it with the jokes and move on. Take my hand as we enter into the specs together.

The Pinus has a form most of us are quite familiar with by now, featuring thick 4″ tires and a step-through frame. With its unisex design, hopping on a Pinus is sure to be a fun experience for men and women alike.

Just a couple of guys and their Pinuses

While some might be surprised by the frame’s significant girth, it won’t come as a shock to those who have spent years in the industry. That’s because the removable battery is inserted from below the downtube, slipping inside the frame for a smoother and sleeker appearance.

There’s no word on any UL certification for that battery, and so while it’s always advisable to use protection, that might be doubly so here for overnight charging. In fact, it’s usually considered better to charge during the day when riders are more attentive—a little afternoon delight, if you will.

That 48V 20Ah battery is significantly larger than average, providing 960Wh of capacity. I know everyone claims theirs is bigger, but I can actually confirm for Rattan on this one. Most other batteries in this size class are closer to the 600-700Wh ballpark, for comparison, meaning Rattan’s Pinus is packing around 50% more. But hey, who’s counting?

And for any of the more seasoned riders out there who want the biggest option they can fit, they’re in luck. There’s actually a double battery version available that provides 1,920 Wh of capacity.

That second battery can piggyback on the downtube, allowing the bike to simultaneously take one from underneath and another one from on top. Doubling the capacity also doubles the range, meaning the Pinus can probably go for longer than you can. Rattan tells us the dual battery option has a maximum range of 150 miles (241 km), though that number seems a bit lofty.

Look, we get it Rattan. It’s already huge. You don’t have to exaggerate even further.

A Pinus out in the wild

Equipped with a torque sensor instead of a less responsive cadence sensor, the Pinus can sense how hard you’re pushing it and respond instantly, delivering more power the harder you ride. For those who prefer it slow and easy, the torque sensor also means that a gentle push of the pedals results in a softer and less dynamic experience, unlike cadence sensors that can sometimes result in a less comfortable lurching or jerky ride. With a torque sensor, a slow push gets an easy response and a hard push gets the full monty.

Of course, most riders like the extra vigor, and the Pinus doesn’t disappoint. The 750W rear hub motor actually packs more heat than it first appears, offering 1,200W of peak performance. That translates into a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h), the highest allowable by law on public roads in most states. Of course, what you do in the privacy of your own property is no one’s business but your own.

Though don’t let today’s media fool you; it’s not all about pushing hard and going fast. Slowing down sometimes is important too, and the Pinus comes with hydraulic disc brakes that allow riders to pull back in an instant. As any seasoned rider will tell you, going fast is fun but knowing when to stop is every bit as important.

That Pinus is a bit too close to the fire for comfort

Weighing in at 83 lb (37.6 kg), the Pinus is significantly heavier than most others in its class. But that extra bulk does come with a serious advantage.

Rattan tells us that the Pinus can support smaller and larger riders alike, claiming a maximum operating capacity of up to 400 lb (181 kg) on it at any one time.

In fact, speaking of its impressive rigidity, Rattan tells us that the frame on the Pinus is twice as thick as others, as seen in the entirely real graphic below from the sales page.

Did anyone really ask for it to be twice as thick?

Other nice-to-see additions include the rear rack, LED lighting with turn signals, wide saddle, 8-speed transmission, color LCD display, and USB charging for your devices on the handlebars. With the Pinus going for as long as this, your phone definitely might start running low partway through the ride, especially if you like to film during it.

The Pinus is priced at US $1,699 and available in two colorways of Lava Red and Sky Blue. There’s no word from the company on whether Eggplant Purple was considered.

Electrek’s Take

Thank you, I’ll be here all week! [angry audience members proceed to throw objects at stage]

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