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Mullen PowerUP is an EV and mobile charging station in one

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Based on the all-electric Mullen THREE electric chassis cab, Mullen says the new PowerUP mobile charging platform provides increased job site versatility thanks to on demand, mobile DC fast-charging.

The Mullen PowerUP ships with its own 160 kW battery pack, with a modular design that’s capable of bringing up to 1 MWh wherever it’s needed, whether that’s a job site without a grid connection or a disaster relief effort. The mobile charging station delivers that power through two 60 kW DCFC ports, 2 20 kW L2 AC chargers, or a pair of 12V jumper terminals for getting ICE-powered vehicles going again. And … if all this sounds familiar, there’s probably two reasons for that.

The first is that the Mullen PowerUP is remarkably similar, visually, to a mobile EV charging truck shown by Mack Trucks back in March. Based on a Mack MD Electric and hauling a “renewable” natural gas gen set to provide electrical power, a concept version of the truck was shown at the ACT Expo in May, but remains “just” a concept.

The second is that Mullen already launched a PowerUP mobile EV charger last year. That “original” PowerUP was based on the larger, Class 5 Mullen FIVE and it, too, carried a gen set. This new PowerUP, meanwhile, is fully electric, and is more of a mobile BESS than a mobile generator with EV ports attached to it.

Mullen PowerUP mobile BESS

Mullen PowerUP mobile charging solution; via Mullen.

“We’re constantly innovating and adapting to meet the evolving needs of the industry,” said David Michery, CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive. “The feedback on the initial PowerUP concept was overwhelmingly positive, but the market is clearly looking for a zero-emission solution. By leveraging our all-electric Mullen THREE, the new PowerUP delivers recharging at a higher level of scalability and performance while offering zero emissions for both the vehicle and power unit.”

Mullen is developing PowerUP at its High Energy Facility located in Fullerton, California. Mullen says its acquisition of battery pack production assets from Romeo Power have significantly accelerated the development of the truck as a fully battery-based mobile charger.

Electrek’s Take

One of 250 Mullen THREE trucks leased to MGT last year; via NGT News.

I’ve been hyper-critical of Mullen over the years, but while I’m still unconvinced about the brand’s automotive/sporty-car aspirations, these guys are starting to win me over on the commercial truck side. They’re building solid-state batteries, delivering hundreds of trucks, have units in inventory, are building out their national dealer network, and they are absolutely terrifying the competition – many of whom are still a year or 18 months away from delivering their medium-duty cabover trucks to customers.

So, when it comes to Mullen, I’ll leave it like this: I’m starting to believe.

SOURCE | IMAGES: Mullen, via email.

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