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Motiv launches new Argo electric truck

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Motiv has introduced its new Argo electric cab-chassis design, which it says will expand the number of applications it suits.

The new model will support a wider variety of vehicle heights for dock-height or lower-profile applications and a wider range of body lengths. Applications include work site vehicles (short dump trucks and aerial lifts), walk-through delivery trucks, and 30-ft. dry freight or refrigerated trucks.

(Photo: Motiv)

“Overnight we’ve moved from a company primarily serving a narrow slice of the $20-billion medium-duty truck market to one that can serve nearly that entire market,” said Scott Griffith, CEO of Motiv Electric Trucks. “The launch of Argo is a transformational moment for our company as we can now offer more vehicles and options to help more fleet customers meet their sustainability goals.”

Motiv has been building trucks for 15 years and has 4 million miles of experience. New benefits include a heavier payload of up to 14,000 lb. and a range of 200 miles (320 km). The LFB battery was co-developed with Our Next Energy.

A redesigned cab focuses on visibility, with a larger windshield with microwire defrost and a low curbside window for better views of the truck’s surroundings.

A heated “captain” seat with adjustable lumbar support and armrests was designed for driver comfort, and a 6’3” interior allows drivers to step in, stand up and stretch.

(Photo: Motiv)

The cab was built to be lightweight and made of composite materials that provide greater corrosion resistance, the company says.

The Argo is compatible with 14- to 30-foot truck bodies and with wheelbases ranging from 178 to 252 inches.

“We’ve come a long way from the early days of the electric truck industry – every year we see substantial improvements in uptime and performance coming from design improvements we’ve developed hand-in-hand with customers,” said Jim Castelaz, Motiv’s founder and chief technology and revenue officer. 

“Many fleet customers have pointed out the how simple design of our new Gen 6 architecture system looks, how much less copper we use and how well cables are routed, how easy it is to access our patented smart hub and how easy our software is to integrate and how well cables are routed; this apparent simplicity took years for us to optimize and now our customers can finally reap the benefits.”

Motiv says it accounts for 19% of step van deployments in the U.S., and counts Purolator Courier among its customers.

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