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Lotus shares ‘record-breaking’ Emeya charging time that is as fast as the all-electric hyper GT

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As US consumers await deliveries of the first Emeya hyper GTs from Lotus, the supercar developer is touting its quick expertise in the BEV segment with impressive charging times. Lotus is hailing the Emeya’s charging speeds from 10-80% as a record breaker, but whether that’s true or not, there’s no denying the new hyper GT can be as fast at the charger as it is on the road.

It’s been nine months since Lotus ($LOT) publicly unveiled the Emeya hyper GT – its first four-door model and a fast one at that. The BEV can accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in under 2.8 seconds.

By February 2024, Lotus shared that the Emeya had completed a rigorous three-year testing phase in preparation for initial deliveries around the world, including China, where it is built, and Europe.

While we still await a chance to drive the Emeya ourselves, Lotus has revealed some more impressive specs regarding charging times in the hyper GT.

Lotus Emeya delivers 10-80% charging time in 14 minutes

According to a release from Lotus today, the Emeya successfully replenished from 10 to 80% on a 400 kW (600A capable) DCFC in only 14 minutes of charging. To back up its “record-breaking” claims, Lotus had the Emeya charging sessions validated by global consulting firm P3.

For charging in the Asian market, P3’s results put the Emeya as the fastest-charging EV, besting some big names in global models, including the Mercedes EQS, BMW i7, Tesla Model Y, Genesis G80, Xpeng G9, Hyundai IONIQ 6, NIO ET5, and BYD Atto 3.

During the charging session, Lotus reports the Emeya reached a peak power of 402 kW, helping boost its average charging power to an impressive 331 kW during the 10-80% span. That again bested the rest of the pack tested by P3.

Combined with its (WLTC) energy consumption rate of 18.7kWh/100km, Lotus said the Emeya can recoup 310 km (193 miles) of range in a ten-minute charging session. The feat brings BEVs closer to time parity with traditional fill-ups at gas stations. Lotus Group CEO Qingfeng Feng spoke about the company’s charging capabilities and the importance of speeding up the process for consumers:

With our industry-leading charging technology available today, Emeya pushes the boundaries for how an EV performs, providing drivers with the confidence to travel anywhere. We’re bringing an unrivaled driving experience in the ultimate grand tourer package, so drivers want to go electric.

In November 2023, Lotus Group announced its own line of liquid-cooled EV chargers, including a 450 kW DC fast charger, which it continues to develop alongside its own charging app and tap card, as seen in the video below.

Lotus has also joined NIO in its quest to establish unified battery standards and charging technologies, making the process as streamlined as possible for BEV drivers, regardless of their make or model.

Given today’s charging infrastructure, most Emeya owners won’t achieve the same 402kW charge rates as Lotus. However, the fact that the hyper GT can already achieve those numbers means Lotus is ahead of the game and provides further evidence that fast charging is becoming quicker. Furthermore, a future in which a pit stop to recharge takes the same amount of time as filling up a gas tank may be closer than we thought.

This is exciting stuff for BEV owners, see more in the video below:

Source: Lotus Cars

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