Enteligent opens pre-orders for DC-to-DC solar EV charger

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US-based Enteligent, a developer of solar-powered EVSE and solar power optimization technologies, is accepting pre-orders for its Enteligent TLCEV T1 EVSE solar-powered DC-to-DC charger.

The device enables daytime charging directly from on-site solar generation, avoiding lengthy permitting processes or complicated grid integration. It can integrate EV charging into solar canopies and carports located at residences, office parking lots, campuses, agricultural locales and construction sites.

The TLCEV charger provides NACS & CCS-1 options, supplies up to 12.5 kW of fast DC charging, and eliminates DC-to-AC-to-DC conversion losses, resulting in energy savings of up to 20%, according to the company.

“Most EV owners plug in at night when peak demand is provided by fossil fuels,” said Enteligent Co-Founder and CEO Sean Burke. “Enteligent’s solution offers convenient EV charging, so EV drivers can shift to daytime charging directly from solar panels and top up for free while the sun shines.”

Source: Enteligent

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