EGRET Hey! E-Scooter Tuning is in Arbeit

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The new E-Scooter product family “Egret Ey!” is ready for sale on the market, and is ready for further tuning options. With pleasure you dare to give it a try!

That Egret Ey! Series consists of 4 models, which we will first look at in our overview article „here“. It’s interesting, that’s Ey! E-Scooter in Kooperation mit Yadea, dem wohlgrößten Hersteller von Elektrofahrzeugen anyway, entwickelt wurden – deshalb spricht man auch von „Ey! Family powered by Yadea”.

Here you will also find the perfect team of successful repairs. The soul of the cooperation was that the development of the favorable E-Scooter was achieved with the special “Egret Fit & Finish”. Das bedeutet, thanks der Ey! Series can be used with a small budget in the form of available E-Scooters, which are proud of the Egret-Qualitätsstandards aufweisen. Those original Egret Scooters were always in the upper echelons of the Preisklasses.

The most favorable model of the eye! Series, der Egret Ey! 3, which costs 679 euros in total. With a weight of about 18 kg, the weight itself is very light! Scooter. Ein ternales Einstiegsmodell mit 9 Zoll Luftreifen und Anti-Shock Doppelfederung. Sozusagen das Einstiegsmodell.

Ey 3 1

Der Egret Ey! 6 The cost is 799 euros, but you can also carry out additional costs (35 Nm, 902 Watt Spitzenleistung, 55 km Reichweite, 10 Zoll Luftreifen, Federgabel). An ideal guide for the city.

Danach follows Egret Ey! 2 with a price of 899 Euro. This E-Scooter is a real multi-talent, with a full 1188 Watt powertrain. Thanks Polymer-dämpften Zweiarmschwingen vorne und hinten gleitet man bequem über all Bodenunebenheiten hinweg.

Then it comes Egret Ey! 1, that is the flag of the new models. The E-Scooter is an absolute Kraftpaket. It has a 500 Watt motor with a power output of 1512 Watt. Zum Vergleich: Der Marktdurchnitt is only 1010 Watt. Self-repairing 10″ Luftreifen und Polymer-dämpfte Einarmschwingen federn Unebenheiten bestmöglich ab, der Fahrkomfort is also reformed. The Reichweite is approximately 65 km away.

With a price of 1299 Euro is the price! 1 The biggest difference between the new E-Scooters, if you know the driving parameters for future use, is always more affordable. Vergleichbare E-Scooter has since fallen into disrepair.

I could see Egret Ey! E-Scooter can be ordered from the Egret website ( The vehicle will be released from July 2024 completely loving signal.

Egret Ey! Tuning Lösungen sind in Arbeit

Since we are alone, that is Egret Ey! E-Scooter sales are technically efficient, so you can easily connect the Scooter with the highest quality standards with reasonable prices. Since we are here, we will then have a moment to look after Egret Ey! Tuning Options are made – in common with the results of a maximum speed of 20 km/h, with a maximum speed limit of 20 km/h, so that the full potential of the engines can be used (naturally now in the range of the StVO).

And you will come to a good conclusion: A team of experienced „E-Bike Tuning Shop“ has taken care of the problems presented (Egret Ey! 3 and Egret Ey! 6). Anyone who wants to know more about this will be prepared to have the opportunity to work with the Scooter. And who wants to clear our inheritance, dare to first check the inheritance reports before long!

It is also possible to make sure that the results are correct after the initial model of the first Tuning Solutions for Egret Ey! E-Scooter at the market signal. We are going to be ready to leave until the end of August 2024.

We are still in the natural state of the air. Wenn’s first Egret Ey! Tuning Tools are available, but they are also used to remove welds – then it is natural to do so, when the Tuning Tools can be ordered.

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