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Egret Ey! E-Scooter: 4 new E-Roller mounting bars

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4 new Egret E-Scooter Model jetzt available! Entdecke die Egret Ey! Family – New travel for urban mobility!

Let’s say you can test the city and experience new art and culture. Mit der Egret Ey! Family is a dieser Traum Wirklichkeit. Egret has brought four revolutionary E-Scooter models to the market, which are not without their design, but also with their innovative technology and high comfort.


Egret Ey! 1 – Deine Powermachine Der Egret Ey! 1 ist für Dich, wenn Du nach purer Leistung suchst. With a 1,512-W-Motor and a driving range of 65 km, there is no Wünsche offen. The great air travel and the anti-shock protection ensure a safe flight – and that costs €1,299.

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Egret Ey! 2 – Dein Multitalent Do you want flexibility and strength? Der Egret Ey! 2 bites Dir both. With signal power-beschleunigung und einer Spitzenleistung von 1.188 W meisterst Du jede Steigung. The Anti-Shock Federation is easy to navigate, even on empty roads. For 899 € there is the perfect Begleiter for Deine täglichen Wege.


Egret Ey! 3 – Everybody’s Darling, Dein Darling Der Egret Ey! 3 is a weight of 18 kg and a real light weight and size. The 9-Zoll-Luftreifen and the Anti-Shock-Doppelfederung machen ihn zum idealen Alltagsbegleiter. For 679 € you will be happy with your health and safety, which guarantees your safety and comfort.


Egret Ey! 6 – Dein neuer Klassiker Der Egret Ey! 6 elements for classic design and modern technology. The driving braking system and the air travel with light ensure maximum safety. With a rush hour of 902 W and a driving moment of 35 Nm ist the Ey! 6 for 799 € Dein stillvoller Partner für die Stadt.

That Egret Ey! Family is more than just a traveler with an E-Scooter – they are now happy for a new, happy and joyful journey in our surrounding cities. Enjoy the world of life and find happiness, the best models for your urban life and peaceful living. Are you ready to become part of the E-Scooter Revolution?


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