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• After a successful testing programme covering more than 3,000 kilometres, DS E-TENSE
PERFORMANCE collected the Innovation Award at the Chantilly Arts & Élégance Richard Mille
• DS Automobiles contributed to a beautiful day in the Château de Chantilly gardens with DS3
CROSSBACK, DS 4, New DS 7 and DS 9, as well as classic DS and SM models.

Designed as a high-performance laboratory, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE was created by DS PERFORMANCE after winning two Drivers’ and two Teams’ titles in the Formula E championship.
During its first testing programme, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE has already covered more than 3,000 kilometres and recorded a 0 to 100km/h time of 2.0 seconds! After taking part in the 6th Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE received the Innovation Award, commending its technology and stylistic biases.

The drivetrain comprises two electric motors with a total power of 600 kW (250 kW at the front and 350 kW at the rear) corresponding to 815 horsepower and 8,000 Nm of torque to the wheels. Derived directly from DS PERFORMANCE developments in Formula E, these two motors demonstrate exceptional efficiency.
The battery is one of the fundamental parts of the very high-performance DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE laboratory. It’s very small and housed in a carbon-aluminium composite envelope designed by DS PERFORMANCE, located in a central rear position. It hides an innovative chemistry and an immersive cooling system for cells, at odds with current technology.

This battery permits phases of acceleration and regeneration of up to 600 kW and enables the exploration of new avenues for future generations of production vehicles.
The front reveals a new area for expression in place of the grille. This treatment shows the DS Automobiles logo in a three-dimensional effect – like a display case – with a special welcome sequence. On both sides, the new daytime running lights combine flair and technology with unprecedented finesse to give a wide span to the lighting. The combination is
made up of 800 LEDs. Two cameras positioned instead of headlamps finish DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE’s visual identity, while enabling the acquisition of useful data for this moving laboratory.

Supporting the aerodynamic lines, the bodywork showcases a beetle-effect interference colour. Depending on exterior conditions and viewing angle, the sense of colour develops and produces a striking contrasting effect with the gloss black surfaces that extend to the bonnet. The 20-inch wheels feature an aerodynamic profile with unique inserts.
The cockpit errs on the side of efficiency. Bucket seats and a Formula E steering wheel give a high-performance feeling.
Comfort and attention to detail also figure with the special black leather upholstery insert.
Part of DS Automobiles heritage, the 1972 SM Mylord Cabriolet Chapron also received the FFVE Special Award for Originality during this year’s Chantilly Arts & Élégance Richard Mille.


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