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Daimler Truck’s Class 4 and 5 RIZON electric models enter Canadian market

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Daimler Truck North America is introducing its RIZON brand in Canada. Preorders for the trucks, which debuted in the US in 2023, are set to begin in June.

RIZON trucks are suited for use as dry vans, flatbeds, landscape dumps and reefers. Four model variants will be offered in Canada: e16L, e16M, e18L and e18M, in a mix of configurations and options, ranging from 15,995 to 18,850 pounds in gross vehicle weight. Ranges vary from up to 177 km for the M size variant with two battery packs to 257 km for the L size variant with three battery packs. An electric power take-off controllable from the cab allows for the use of specialized equipment like reefer belt drives and hydraulic pumps.

RIZON’s preconditioning function, important for performance in Canada’s cold-weather conditions, uses power from the grid to bring the batteries to the optimum temperature before operation.

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