Charging/rideshare provider Revel hires former Tesla Supercharger exec

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When Tesla’s CEO chose to disband the company’s Supercharger team, EV industry pundits predicted that many of those experts would soon be snapped up by other firms. Now we learn that rideshare/charging provider Revel has hired Edward Noseworthy to lead the company’s EV infrastructure design and construction team.

Noseworthy, a seven-year Tesla veteran who oversaw the company’s charging design in the Northeast, will bring his expertise in charging development and customer experience to Revel’s growing fast charging network in New York, the Bay Area and other markets.

Brooklyn-based Revel operates an all-EV rideshare platform that operates in all five boroughs of New York City. The company’s bright blue vehicles (Teslas and others) are supported by a fast charging network that currently consists of 54 chargers at three sites in Brooklyn and Queens. Revel’s fast charging hubs are also open to the public—they’re open 24/7 and accessible to all EV models. (Read our 2023 interview with Revel COO Paul Suhey.)

Revel has more than a dozen additional sites in various phases of design and construction. The company plans to expand its network to over 300 chargers in New York City and over 200 in the Bay Area by 2025. Revel says it is actively pursuing several sites abandoned by Tesla in NYC.

Revel’s public fast charging hubs are designed for rideshare drivers, and are located in the neighborhoods where those drivers live and work. In March, Revel and Uber announced a partnership under which Uber has guaranteed a minimum level of utilization from drivers on its platform, and Revel is providing Uber drivers discounts on charging of up to 25 percent.

Revel plans to open its next site later this summer: 10 fast charging stalls on Pier 36 in Lower Manhattan. Other upcoming sites include Maspeth, Queens; the South Bronx and LaGuardia Airport.

“Revel has shown what EV infrastructure can do to transform a city like New York, ushering in an era of electrification for tens of thousands of rideshare drivers,” said Edward Noseworthy, now Revel’s Director of Design and Construction. “I look forward to supporting the buildout of hundreds more Revel chargers in New York and the Bay Area over the next year.”

“Revel’s infrastructure group is tackling the hard problems nobody else in the industry has yet faced—building the biggest fast charging stations in the country’s densest urban environments,” said Frank Reig, co-founder and CEO of Revel. “I’m thrilled to bring Ed onto that team, one of few people who I know can continue turning those challenges into opportunities.”

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