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At a speed of over 40 km/h!

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The SpeedMaster 365 from EdisonEvo by MountainTuning

Der SpeedMaster 365 from EdisonEvo by MountainTuning There is a Umbaukit, the special equipment for Xiaomi and the Ninebot E-Scooter developed. The kit includes a controller and a display, which allows maximum use of the E-Scooter and provides maximum support. Der SpeedMaster 365 There is a universal range available with both Xiaomi and Ninebot E-Scooter models that are compatible and exclusive in our current online shop.

Buy here for 119 Euro!

You maximize with the SpeedMaster 365 from Xiaomi or Ninebot E-Scooter

In the core of the environment with a high-quality controller and a smart display that is connected to the tuning app. A single cable set solves all connection problems. Firmwares of the E-Scooter Repairer are not yet available. Du übergibst mit der EdisonEvo App and with them SpeedMaster 365 Deinen E-Scooter in deine full Kontrolle und maximierst die Leistung.

Buy here for 119 Euro!

SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 4w

SpeedMaster 365: Xiaomi and Ninebot Tuning

With the SpeedMaster 365 from EdisonEvo, powered by Mountain Tuning, you can take advantage of Xiaomi or the Ninebot E-Scooter in new fun environments.

  • Maximum Geschwindigkeit: Speed ​​at a speed of up to 40 km/h during that time – faster if you travel and with full control thanks to our intuitive app.
  • Flexible Control: We have a variety of different fitness modes – at a speed of 6 km/h with full power. Everything controllable via Bluetooth.
  • Security required for: Protect your tuning with your individual password and enjoy your peace of mind. (Guest Password possible)
  • Einfache Installation: Kein Löten nötig! With instructions and videos there is a child’s play experience.
  • Technical Refinement: The SpeedMaster 365 automatically adapts to different motors and different battery types for optimal performance.
  • Exclusive E-Scooter Tuning App: Review all settings regarding your smartphone.
  • Verfügbarkeit: Buy your SpeedMaster 365 exclusively at the EBike Tuning Shop and experience it, who will be waiting for your E-Scooter for your new life.

The Vorteile des SpeedMaster 365 von EdisonEvo by Mountain Tuning About Xiaomi and Ninebot E-Scooter:

  • Erhöhte Leistung: The Umbaukit with Controller and Display is ready to use, the maximum for the E-Scooter can be used.
  • Verbessertes Fahrerlebnis: This is the tuning opportunity you enjoy when riding your E-Scooters and thus having an even more enjoyable experience.
  • Kompatibilität: The SpeedMaster 365 is a universal vehicle that works fast with both Xiaomi and Ninebot E-Scooter models.
  • Exclusiveness: The kit is exclusive to the online repair shop, guaranteeing special construction and quality.

These are the most important aspects of your E-Scooter’s safety and the power of your vehicles.

Die Bausteine ​​vom SpeedMaster 365: Controller, Display, Cable & App

Der SpeedMaster 365 von EdisonEvo by Mountain Tuning is a high-performance tuning kit that can be used to revolutionize your E-Scooter experience. Here is a detailed view of the construction and the functions of the individual components:

SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 6SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 6


The controller is the responsibility of the SpeedMaster 365. There is responsibility for the management of the power supply and the communication between the motor and the battery. The environment of the controllers is a separate document, which allows the E-Scooters to be built. There is a lot of light here, which makes it easier to operate and ensures efficient energy management.

SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 7SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 7


The display offers a visual interface, including the different functions of the SpeedMaster 365 support options. This is important information about current health, battery status and current health conditions. The display is easy to read and illuminate, these are easy to install.

SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 91SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 91


These cables are specially designed for a single installation without the cables being installed. You connect the controller and the display with different settings and ensure that all electronic components can be communicated correctly. The cable is so shaped, it is a reliable and durable connection.


Smartphone App

Google Play BadgeGoogle Play Badge

That EdisonEvo Smartphone App There is a substantial file of the tuning kits. It is easy to personalize your E-Scooter experience, including various settings for configuring safety limits, safety features and safety options. The app connects itself over Bluetooth with the display and provides an intuitive interface for easy support of the E-Scooters.

SpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 4wSpeedMaster 365 EdisonEvo 4w

Erster Testlauf

After installing the controller and the display and everything with the cables, it is time for the first test. Dieser Schritt ist separate, um siecherzustellen, that all components function correctly and the E-Scooter prepared for the Road is – otherwise it is safe, for the journey of the Road Traffic Ordnung.

These are the components of a driving system, so that the E-Scooter does not have faster power, even if it is stable and easy to enjoy. With the SpeedMaster 365 from Edison Evo by Mountain Tuning you can define the limits of your E-Scooters and enjoy new art and science. Think about it, that the use of the tuning kits of the E-Scooter is completely compatible with the electric vehicle as well as the driving benefits of the electric vehicle.


Die Installation des SpeedMaster 365 Umbaukits für Xiaomi und Ninebot E-Scooter follow in more Schritten. Here is a general explanation that you can take into account:

  1. Preparation: Be careful, because the electric scooter is exposed and the battery is used, so that security risks can be avoided.
  2. Controller and display devices: Enter the available controller and the display for the E-Scooter.
  3. Neuen Controller einsetzen: Platziere de neuen Controller des SpeedMaster 365 an der Stelle des alten Controllers.
  4. Display anschließen: Connected new display with the controller combined with the connection.
  5. Verkabelung prüfenPlease ensure that all cables are correctly connected and that no connections are made.
  6. Testlauf: After a thorough test, ensure that the E-Scooter functions correctly.

Bitte beachte, that’s a simple matter. For a detailed installation guideline regarding the installation requirements of the repairers, they must be consulted by a manufacturer. It is important that the information is taken care of to ensure a correct installation and function of the tuning kits. Think about it, that the use of the tuning kits of the E-Scooter is completely compatible with the electric vehicle as well as the driving benefits of the electric vehicle.

Kompatibilität E-Scooter Tuning Umbausatz mit Xiaomi und Ninebot E-Scootern

Here are some new tables with more popular models from Xiaomi and Ninebot E-Scooters, which are available on the German market and with them SpeedMaster 365 compatible since:

E-Scooter Modell Kompatibilität Motorleistung Akkukapazität Notes
Ninebot Max G30D Yes 350W 551 Wh Believe in your long Reichweite
Ninebot ES2 Yes 300W 187 Wh Light and compact for city traffic
Ninebot ES4 Yes 300W 374 Wh Erweiterte Akkukapazität for longer distances
Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 Yes 300W 474 Wh Balance between leisure and portability
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S Yes 250W 275 Wh Ideal for training with minimal stretching
Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro Yes 300W 474 Wh Alteres Modell mit solider Leistung
Xiaomi Mi Scooter M365 Yes 250W 280 Wh Trendset channel Classic
Ninebot E25D Yes 300W
Ninebot E45D Yes 300W
Ninebot F40 Yes 350W New models with improved functions
Ninebot F30 Yes 300W
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 3 Yes 275W 275 Wh More Modern Features
Xiaomi Mi Scooter 2 Yes 250W 280 Wh Zuverlässige Performance
Ninebot S2 Yes
Ninebot S4 Yes
Xiaomi Mi Scooter Lite Yes 250W 210 Wh Light and easy to maintain
Ninebot Max G2D Yes 350W 551 Wh Hohe Reichweite und strong Motorleistung
Ninebot E22D Yes 300W Teil der neuen Modellreihe
Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Lite Yes 300W Einsteiger und Kurze Strecken

This table shows the wide palette of models that are compatible with the SpeedMaster 365 and a quick look at the different options available on the German market. The extensive knowledge of motor skills and performance is associated with performance and the wealth of e-scooters and the use of a weighty roller with the addition of a tuning kit. With the SpeedMaster 365, you can ensure that the E-Scooter is optimized for the best driving experience.

The SpeedMaster 365 Tuning Kit: One investment that takes care of itself

Buy here for 119 Euro!

For all E-Scooter enthusiasts, who would like to improve their cost-effectiveness, this is SpeedMaster 365 from EdisonEvo by MountainTuning that perfect Wahl. Aktuell zum Vorzugspreis von 119 Euros erhältlich, bietet dieses Kit einen unschlagbaren Wert gegenüber dem ursprünglichen Preis von 139 Euros. With this kit you can use Ninebot or a Xiaomi E-Scooter in a flexible manner, it is not faster, but more flexible and secure. Together with the E-Scooter Tuning Experts at EBikeTuningShop, there is a SpeedMaster 365 one-of-a-kind investment, who love the E-Scooter experience at the next level and their long-lasting happiness and performance. Take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your E-Scooter with a high-quality tuning kit!

Buy here for 119 Euro!

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