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Addionics and IL Science to develop lithium-metal EV batteries

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Israel-based battery technology provider Addionics has agreed to form a partnership with US-based IL Science to integrate lithium metal with next-generation copper current collectors to drive adoption of lithium-metal batteries for EVs.

By combining Addionics’ 3D Current Collectors and IL Science’s lithium coating and treatment technologies, the companies aim to overcome the hurdles to widespread use of lithium metal batteries, such as safety, durability and cost concerns. Addionics is in the process of expanding its US manufacturing facilities to produce tens of thousands of tons of 3D copper foil per year, enough to support 90 GWh of battery capacity.

“This collaboration comes as the demand from battery manufacturers and the auto industry for lithium metal batteries is growing, so accelerating the development of 3D current collectors designed for these batteries is critical,” said Dr. Moshiel Bitton, CEO and co-founder of Addionics. “Combining our expertise in battery technology innovation and growing manufacturing capabilities in the US with IL Science’s experience in the mobility market, utilizing its mass production know-how and well-developed supply chain, will help us bring high-performance lithium metal batteries to the market as soon as possible.”

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