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$39,199 Bobcat zero turn electric lawnmower is ready for summer

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Bobcat revealed a new, commercialized version of its battery-powered ZT6000e zero-turn electric lawnmower that promises up to eight hours of continuous runtime.

The company says its new machine can deliver up to eight hours of continuous runtime on a single charge, the ZT6000e produces zero “tailpipe” emissions while in use, and is significantly quieter than the ICE-powered competition. Perfect, in other words, for use in municipalities with strict noise regulations.

“The ZT6000e is designed for both lawn care professionals and other businesses that want to create their own professional-grade results in a more sustainable way,” said Daniel Stibral, s grounds maintenance product specialist at Bobcat. “It’s highly maneuverable, efficient, and takes on challenging mowing tasks with precision, ease and the perfect cut.”

The Bobcat ZT6000e packs a 58V, 20.4 kWh battery that can be fully recharged in about 6 hours with a 240-volt “Level 2” connection, or in about 12 hours with a “standard” 120-volt connection. Considering a full charge is enough to mow more than 23 acres, however, there should be very little “range anxiety” involved.

What’s more, Bobcat claims that, apart from routine recharge cycles, the lithium-ion battery requires no maintenance for the life of the machine.

The ZT6000e is built with a heavy-duty, dual-tubed steel frame and is powered by three electric motors to provide precise control over high and low blade speeds and make quick work of any lawn. Pricing starts at $39,199.

Electrek’s Take

Yes, the ZT6000e electric lawmower is more expensive than the 850cc gas-powered version. About 3x more expensive, in fact – but that doesn’t matter.

The fact is that more and more municipalities across the country are effectively banning internal combustion lawn equipment from lawnmowers to edgers to leaf blowers – and the ones that aren’t outright banning small engines are banning them indirectly with increasingly stringent noise regulations. Translation: if you plan on making a living in landscaping, you’re going to need to pony up for an electric mower rather sooner than later.

When you do, Bobcat’s seems like a solid choice.

SOURCES | IMAGES: For Construction Pros; Bobcat.

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