Unlimited freedom: Aiways U5 SUV becomes a sustainable microcamper with roof tent

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  • Flexible and intuitive: iKamper Skycamp 3.0 by Campwerk is easy to install and ready to use in 60 seconds
  • Spacious and independent: With space for up to four people, the roof tent turns the Aiways U5 SUV into a microcamper
  • Aerodynamic and efficient: The flat design makes the Skycamp the ideal companion even on long journeys
Aiways U5 SUV

Electrifying adventures and boundless freedom are offered by the combination of the Aiways U5 SUV and the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 from Campwerk. The all-electric microcamper combination not only enables near-natural independence, which is becoming increasingly popular under the term “vanlife”, but also sustainable camping.

Freedom, relaxation and adventure: Camping has many charms. And we’re not talking about the boring RV or the all-season caravan parked on a permanent pitch. Today, if you follow the hashtag #Vanlife on platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll find millions of stories, tours and do-it-yourself instructions on how to build your own microcamper. In addition to independence, it’s the increased awareness of sustainability that is fueling the popularity of camping even further. The all-electric Aiways U5 SUV (electricity consumption combined 17.0-16.6; CO2 emissions combined 0g/km; range combined (WLTP) 400-410km) in combination with Campwerk’s iKamper Skycamp 3.0 is therefore the ideal combination for nature-oriented and emission-free time-outs from everyday life.

Growth market: Registrations of campers more than tripled

The number of new registrations of motorhomes and campervans more than doubled in Europe from 2013 to 2020. In some countries, the figures have even almost quadrupled, and there is no end in sight to the trend. This is because opinion polls clearly show that “overnight stays in different places,” “vacations without planning” and the “opportunity to explore other countries in a short time” are more popular than ever before. “The camping industry is an absolute growth market and the past two years have shown that staying at home on your own four wheels is the perfect vacation option for many. With the combination of our Aiways U5 SUV and the iKamper Skypcamp roof tent, we want to show what sustainable microcamping can look like,” explains Aiways CEO Dr. Alexander Klose.

iKamper Skycamp 3.0 from Campwerk: The greatest possible mobility with the lowest possible time and cost expenditure

Aiways U5 SUV

“A motorhome or caravan costs an enormous amount of money. Camping on a campground is usually inconvenient and without any comfort. And hotels and club facilities just don’t give you the freedom to stay where you want,” says Michael Krämer, managing director of Campwerk, explaining the intention behind the brand, which has been an integral part of the camping world since 2010. With the latest generation of roof tents, their iKamper Skycamp 3.0, they have not only provided even more space – the large version has room for up to four people – but have also incorporated many other improvements in detail and comfort without affecting the good aerodynamics thanks to the extremely low-profile fiberglass hard-shell cover.

Streamlined long-distance runner: Aerodynamic roof tent turns Aiways U5 SUV into an efficient microcamper

With its static roof load of 400kg, the Aiways U5 SUV is the perfect partner for the iKamper Skycamp. Due to the innovative attachment to the roof’s crossbars, the roof tent is not subject to any speed limitation and scores with good efficiency thanks to its streamlined shape. The internal tests and simulations during proving were followed by real-life endurance tests that allowed the all-electric camping combination to be on the road for 1000 kilometers a day. With an additional consumption of about 20% depending on the selected travel speed on these long-distance tests, it remains possible to cover long distances between charging stops. Thanks to its fast-charging capability from 30 percent to 80 percent in just 27 minutes, the Aiways U5 SUV keeps travel time pleasantly short, even with the roof tent mounted.

Room for spontaneity: Generous space and trailer coupling ensure unlimited flexibility

With a load volume of up to 1,555l with the rear seat folded down and the completely flat floor, the Aiways U5 SUV offers ideal conditions for use as a microcamper. Whether as a storage space for outdoor equipment, or even as an additional sleeping space: the possibilities are almost limitless and offer room for every spontaneity. “Our Aiways U5 SUV comes with everything it takes for a spontaneous camping trip: practical variability in the interior and a generous amount of space for additional storage. Thanks to our retrofit trailer hitch, which is now available in many European countries, we’re increasing flexibility even further, and not just in everyday camping,” says Dr. Alexander Klose, enthusiastic about the wide range of uses for the Aiways U5 SUV. Thanks to a towing capacity of up to 1,500kg with the retrofittable trailer hitch, the Aiways U5 SUV can also hook up larger trailers for even more freedom on vacation. And if you want to explore your destination on two wheels, the high 100kg drawbar load allows you to transport up to three e-bikes.

Independence close to nature: Aiways U5 SUV enables sustainable camping

The all-electric Aiways U5 SUV combines its well-known talents of spaciousness, range and fast-charging capability with the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 to create a sustainable microcamper that opens up a whole new dimension of nature-based, zero-emission camping and enables electrifying adventures.


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