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Emerson’s Test and Measurement business unveils major updates to its software products


Emerson’s Test and Measurement business (formerly NI) has unveiled significant updates to its core software products, including NI LabVIEW. At a recent conference for customers and partners, Emerson showcased its newest advancements in NI hardware and software, which are designed to enhance the efficiency of engineers.

“Our software-centric, modular hardware approach to testing is our unique value proposition and a differentiator for our customers,” said Ritu Favre, Group President of Emerson’s Test and Measurement business. “We are excited to share our vision for harnessing the power of AI in test and measurement and to continue our commitment to innovate on our industry-leading NI products.”

The latest iteration of NI LabVIEW focuses on collaborative engineering workflows, integrating new features such as enhancements in diff and merge functions, version management and support for calling.NET Core Assemblies (.NET 8).

NI LabVIEW Community Edition, originally introduced in 2019, is now free for students. Parts of NI LabVIEW, starting with Icon Editor, will also become open-source.

A new product, NI InstrumentStudio Professional, will launch in July, extending the functionality of the PXI companion software InstrumentStudio to cover a larger portion of the electronic validation workflow, including automation and measurement customization. InstrumentStudio Pro is designed to work alongside LabVIEW and TestStand, and will be automatically enabled for LabVIEW+ suite license holders.

Emerson has added several products to its NI PXI hardware portfolio, including the NI PXIe-5633 Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) add-on module, the PXIe-6571 Digital Pattern Instrument, and a family of new controllers built on 11th-generation Intel Core processors.

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