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Volvo reveals $28,000 EX30 starting price in China as low-cost BYD rival


The cheapest Volvo EV so far was officially launched in China over the weekend. Volvo launched the EX30 in China with a low starting price of $27,800 (200,800 yuan) as the automaker takes on BYD head-on in its home market.

In the first quarter of the year, “thousands of customers across Europe got behind the wheel of an EX30,” as Volvo gears up to begin deliveries in key markets, including the US, China, and South Korea.

Volvo is preparing to launch its low-cost EV in over 90 countries by the end of 2024. Although the EX30 is already living up to its promise as a profitable growth driver, Volvo expects even more.

EX30 production began last fall in Zhangjiakou, China, as Volvo prepares to launch an EV offensive. To meet the growing demand for affordable EVs in Europe, Volvo announced it would build the EX30 at its Ghent Plant in Belgium from 2025.

Volvo’s EX30 led to a new global sales record in Q1, but the automaker expects even bigger results as its low-cost EV hits the world’s largest electric car market.

Volvo EX30 for China (Source: Volvo)

Volvo EX30 price revealed in China starting at $27,800

Volvo officially launched the EX30 in China on Sunday with a starting price of 200,800 yuan ($27,800).

The base RWD core model features up to 410 km (255 miles range). It’s available in four trims: RWD Core, RWD Long Range Plus, RWD Long Range Ultra, and a high-performance AWD Ultra model.

Volvo EX30 trimRange
Starting Price
RWD Core255 mi (410 km)$27,800 (200,800 yuan)
RWD Long Range Plus366 mi (590 km)$30,300 (219,800 yuan)
RWD Long Range Ultra366 mi (590 km)$32,100 (232,800 yuan)
AWD High-Performance Ultra335 mi (540 km)$35,400 (255,800 yuan)
Volvo EX30 price and range by trim in China

Powered by either a 49 kWh lithium-ion (RWD Core) or 66 kWh ternary lithium battery, the EX30’s fastest recharge time (10% to 80%) is 26 minutes.

You can see Volvo included new signature design elements like Thor Hammer LED headlights and a closed grille.

The China-made EX30’s rear features the logo “Volvo Asia Pacific,” which indicates where it was built.

Inside, you will find a modern, simplistic layout. Included is a 12.3″ vertical infotainment with hidden air conditioning units. The three-spoke steering wheel includes touch controls for key features. In addition, Volvo used environmentally friendly recycled materials like flax fiber and denim.

At 4,233 mm long, 1,838 mm wide, and 1,555 mm tall, the EX30 will rival BYD’s best-selling Atto 3 SUV (4,455mm X 1,875 mm X 1,615 mm) and Dolphin (4,290 mm X 1,570 mm X 1,770 mm) electric hatch in China.

Electrek’s Take

BYD was the best-selling car brand in China last year after overtaking Volkswagen. After slashing prices and declaring a “liberation battle” against ICE vehicles, BYD hit a new weekly sales record in China earlier this month.

Through May 12, BYD had over 101,300 registrations in China, outpacing rivals Tesla, Li Auto, NIO, and XPeng.

Its cheapest EV, the Seagull Honor Edition, now starts at just $9,700 (69,800 yuan). Perhaps, more importantly, BYD is expanding into new segments like luxury and mid-size SUVs.

BYD launched the Sea Lion 07, its first “mid-size urban smart electric SUV,” this month, undercutting Tesla’s Model Y with starting prices of $26,250 (189,800 yuan).

Volvo is also gearing up for an EV offensive, with its EX30 rolling out into new markets. The EX30 will start at $34,950 (plus a $1,295 delivery fee) in the US, and deliveries are expected to begin this summer.

The company is also launching its first three-row electric SUV, the EX90. In China, Volvo began production of its first luxury electric minivan, the EM90.

Volvo’s lineup will include the EX30, EX40, EC40, EM90, and EX90. With the launch of new EVs, Volvo expects demand to “remain robust” over the next few quarters.

Can Volvo’s new EX30 help it keep up with EV leaders like BYD in China starting under $28,000? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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