Tesla confirms 3 upcoming "amazing" EVs, omits Roadster

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Tesla is developing three new EVs, but appears to have nixed the second-generation Roadster.

During the automaker’s 2024 stockholder meeting, which was live-streamed on YouTube Thursday, CEO Elon Musk announced three upcoming “amazing” EVs and showed a slide with three vehicles under covers alongside the current Tesla lineup. However, the Roadster was absent.

Future Tesla models teased at 2024 stockholder meeting

Future Tesla models teased at 2024 stockholder meeting


The Roadster has now been delayed for more than four years, as it was originally due for a start of production in 2020. Musk has at several times teased rocket tech in the form of a “SpaceX package,” with actual rocket thrusters. Tesla began accepting reservations after the Roadster’s 2017 reveal, asking for a $50,000 deposit for the standard version and the full $250,000 price upfront for the Founders Series launch special.

Musk didn’t go into detail on the new EVs, but said later in the presentation that “figuring out ways to make more affordable vehicles is really the game-changer…we have to make it affordable, that’s essential.” But Tesla has already reportedly shut down one affordable EV. After an April report suggesting that Tesla had nixed its $25,000 Model 2 project in favor of robotaxis, Musk announced a Tesla Robotaxi reveal for August 8.

Tesla Semi (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)

Tesla Semi (Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.)

Tesla has also teased the idea of a van for a long time, which one of those products appears to be based on the outline. The shape in the bottom lefthand corner has a distinctively van-like profile.

Musk also said he had just approved a mass-production ramp of the Tesla Semi. The company has said in the past that it depends on battery cell supply, and it appears to be plentiful right now. 

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