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PowerHouse by Qmerit provides bundled home electrification solutions, including bidirectional EV charging

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EVSE installation specialist Qmerit has launched a new suite of residential electrification installation and integration services.

The new PowerHouse by Qmerit service is designed to streamline the complex process of deploying residential electrification equipment such as bidirectional EV chargers (which enable vehicle-to-home emergency power), solar panels, energy storage, load centers, heat pumps and other related components.

The PowerHouse by Qmerit service “helps homeowners and builders select the best-suited electrification products for the project. It then handles implementation and systems integration using Qmerit’s trusted network of licensed and certified electricians.”

Qmerit scans pricing from thousands of electrification projects across North America to provide quotes that are within regional market ranges. It also identifies applicable federal, state and local incentives, as well as savings or income-generating opportunities with local utilities.

“With the launch of PowerHouse by Qmerit, consumers can make informed decisions at any stage in their electrification journey, whether starting with a single component like EV charging or solar panels or pursuing integrated systems that provide new forms of energy management, such as emergency backup power and the ability to direct energy flows to rooms and appliances,” says the company. “Homeowners can even send excess energy to the utility via bidirectional technology.”

“America has arrived at an inflection point in which all of the technical, policy, and financial elements are in place to support a societal shift toward whole-home electrification,” said Qmerit CEO Tracy K. Price. “Now what’s needed is a comprehensive way to assemble these complex elements into a simple, financeable, home-energy retrofit that makes it easier to implement.”

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