Omron debuts high-capacity DC relay for use in bidirectional EV charging applications

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Omron Electronic Components Europe has announced a new high-capacity DC relay for use in household electricity storage systems, bidirectional EV chargers and UPS systems.

The G9K8-F general-purpose relay offers a maximum voltage of 800 VDC and maximum current of 100 A. It is suitable for battery applications within the 15 to 40 kW range and, unlike conventional sealed relay designs, it uses no hydrogen gas, which results in improved safety, according to the company.

The new relay has the same dimensions and weight as the company’s standard 9KB series, and offers 33% higher maximum switching voltage and 50% higher current handling capability. This allows designers to specify fewer relays per system.

The G9KB-E also features bidirectional DC switching capabilities. This enables the use of a single general-purpose relay to be used in place of two unidirectional relays. The unit, Omron said, also harnesses arc cut-off technology to combat contact arcing.

The new design in this model achieves a low-rated contact resistance of 5 milliohms. This results in less heat generation which in turn results in more efficient performance, according to Omron.

Source: Omron Electronics Components Europe

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