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Honda is launching its new electric N-VAN e starting at $15,500

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The highly anticipated electric Honda N-VAN e will officially hit the market in October. Honda announced its new electric N-Van will start at $15,500 (2,439,800 yen) as it looks to ramp up EV sales.

Honda has been teasing a new light electric van based on its gas-powered N-VAN since 2022. Last October, a prototype was shown at the Japan Mobility Show, giving us a little more information about what to expect.

After testing the model domestically over the past year or so, Honda is preparing to launch the new N-VAN EV.

Honda announced Thursday it will begin selling the electric N-VAN in Japan on October 10, 2024, starting at just $15,500 (2,439,800 yen).

The new N-VAN features up to 152 miles (245 km) WLTC range and 30-minute fast charging. Honda said the specs are sufficient for delivery, one of its primary target markets. At regular charging (6 kW), it can charge in roughly 4.5 hrs.

Honda upgraded the N-VAN e with more features and accessibility, exclusively for the electric model.

Honda electric N-VAN e (Source: Honda)

Meet the new Honda electric N-VAN e

The electric N-VAN e features a flat, low floor and high ceiling with the battery mounted under the floor. By eliminating the center pillar, the van features a large opening on the passenger side.

With four variants, the N-VAN is designed to “meet a wide range of customer needs,” including commercial and personal use.

Honda electric N-VAN e (Source: Honda)

The e: L4 is the standard model. With four seats, it’s designed for a wide range of uses. It also features a 7″ LCD screen to display key information.

Based on the e: L4, the e: FUN model features “styling that blends in well with customers’ hobbies and leisure activities.” The model has additional features like fast charging and LED headlights as standard.

Honda N-VAN e (Source: Honda)

The e: G was designed for commercial use. With one seat, it is built for deliveries or other business use. Compared to the gas-powered N-VAN, the electric model is 95 mm longer, while the floor height was lowered by 120 mm.

Honda’s last e: L2 N-VAN model features several configurations. With seats and the center pillar removed, the e: L2 makes getting in or out of the vehicle for loading and unloading easy.

Honda electric N-VAN e variantStarting Price
(including 10% tax)
e: L4$17,200 (2,699,400 yen)
e: FUN$18,600 (2,919,400 yen)
e: G$15,500 (2,439,800 yen)
e: L2$16,200 (2,549,800 yen)
Honda electric N-VAN prices by variant

The e: G and e: L2 models will only be available to lease through Honda Fleet Sales Division and the Honda ON.

Honda will begin full-fledged sales of the new electric N-VAN e in Japan on October 10, 2024.

Despite rivals pulling back on EV plans, Honda is doubling down. Honda announced it will invest $65 billion (10 trillion yen) through 2030 to catch up.

Toshihiro Mibe, Global CEO of Honda, unveils the Honda 0 Series and new concept models Saloon and Space-Hub (Source: Honda)

Honda’s plans include seven new “0 series” EV models launching globally by 2030. The first will be based on the Honda Saloon concept. It will launch in North America first ahead of its global rollout.

Following the electric N-VAN e launch in Japan, Honda will introduce a series of small-size EVs in the region to meet the growing demand.

In the US, Honda’s first electric SUV, the Prologue, is already on sale. After introducing a new $2,000 incentive, the Honda Prologue is cheaper to lease than Tesla’s Model Y, starting at $399 per month (you can view the details here).

Would you buy the electric N-VAN e for $15,500? Let us know in the comments below.

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