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EVR Motors opens electric motor coil plant in India

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Israel-based EVR Motors has started operations at a new plant in Manesar, India under its subsidiary, I.EVR Motors to produce of trapezoidal geometry coils to meet demand in India and global markets.

The plant is designed to provide coils for approximately 20,000 motors per month, with plans for rapid expansion to around 100,000 motors.

EVR Motors has developed a topology known as the Trapezoidal Stator Radial Flux Permanent Magnet (RFPM) motor. RFPM enables the production of smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective motors which can be tailored to customer requirements, according to the company.

EVR’s product line includes four families, ranging from 6 kW to 150 kW, expanding its markets from two- and three-wheelers to passenger cars, commercial vehicles and offroad vehicles. The motors support voltages from 48 V to 800 V and meet various speed and power requirements without major component or process changes.

“By establishing our own production facility for these electric motor coils, we’re securing a critical component and ensuring a robust, stable supply chain for our customers,” said Nick Rogers, Chairman of EVR Motors.

Source: EVR Motors

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